Best Places to Stay in Mallorca for Families & Couples

Mallorca is the largest of Spain’s Balearic Islands. It’s an excellent destination for families and couples with various accommodation options. From beachfront resorts to boutique hotels in historic towns, Mallorca has something for everyone.

Best Places to Stay in Mallorca – For Families


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Pollença offers various accommodation options, such as family-friendly hotels, cosy villas, and spacious apartments. These are all conveniently located near the town’s attractions and amenities.


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Alcúdia is an excellent place for families visiting Mallorca. It has family-friendly hotels and resorts with kids’ clubs, pools, and beach access. The area also has attractions like beaches, waterparks, old town walls, and Roman ruins that families will love. Families can also enjoy sailing trips, horseback riding, and exploring local markets and restaurants. With its family-friendly accommodations, attractions, and activities, Alcúdia is a top destination for families in Mallorca.

Cala d’Or

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Santanyí stands out for its traditional Spanish architecture, cultural festivities, and local cuisine. Tourists can explore the narrow streets of the town centre or enjoy the vibrant arts scene for an authentic experience in Mallorca.

Best Places to Stay in Mallorca – For Couples


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Deiá is a charming village in the Tramuntana mountains of Mallorca. It’s great for couples because of its romantic ambience. The stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea offer a tranquil atmosphere, perfect for a romantic getaway. Visitors can stay in boutique hotels and luxury villas and enjoy upscale restaurants and art galleries. The village’s historical architecture and cobblestone streets add to its allure, providing a memorable experience for travellers.

Deiá is a peaceful and romantic retreat that enhances the overall appeal of the island.


Valldemossa has unique attractions and activities for travellers. You can explore picturesque streets, visit the famous Carthusian Monastery, and enjoy stunning views from the Miramar and Sant Pere viewpoints.

For couples seeking a romantic getaway, Valldemossa offers charming boutique hotels, historic villas with beautiful gardens, and cosy bed and breakfasts, providing the perfect setting for a romantic escape.


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Whether it’s a romantic retreat, a unique stay, or a leisurely getaway, Sóllerhas options for every traveller.


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Fornalutx has lots of things to see and do. You can visit the village square, walk on the cobblestone streets, and enjoy the mountain views.

If you’re with family or your partner, you can stay at cosy bed and breakfasts, guesthouses, or boutique hotels for a natural and close experience.

To feel the charm and culture of Fornalutx, you can join traditional festivals, try local food at family-owned restaurants, and learn about the area’s history at the church and museum.

Recommended Duration of Stay in Mallorca

When planning how long to stay in Mallorca, there are a few things to consider. Consider why you’re visiting, your budget, and what you like to do.

A more extended stay might be best if you want to relax on the beaches and enjoy wellness facilities. On the other hand, staying longer could be a good idea if you’re interested in history, architecture, and charming villages.

Many must-see attractions like the Cathedral of Santa Maria, the Alcudia Old Town, and the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range exist. These experiences could impact how long you choose to stay.

For outdoor enthusiasts, there are activities like hiking, cycling, and water sports. Food and wine lovers can also explore the island’s diverse culinary scene.

Ultimately, the best length of stay in Mallorca depends on what you enjoy and how much you want to experience the island.

Choosing the Right Town as Your Base

When picking a town in Mallorca, consider the amenities and activities. Think about dining options, shops, and entertainment, which can enhance your experience. Also, consider proximity to the beach, hiking trails, or other outdoor activities. The town’s location and transportation options can significantly impact your stay. Easy access to public transportation, car rental services, or walkable areas can make it simple to explore the island.

Booking Your Stay in Mallorca

Families looking for places to stay in Mallorca should consider resorts or vacation rentals with activities for children, like kids’ clubs, pools, and family-friendly dining.

For couples, boutique hotels or beachfront villas can give a more intimate and romantic setting.

When booking in Mallorca, it’s essential to consider the location, amenities, and proximity to attractions.

Also, budget, getting around, and the time of year can affect the whole experience.

Picking the right place to stay in Mallorca can make the trip more enjoyable.

Unique Stays in Mallorca’s Lesser-Known Towns

Travelers exploring Mallorca’s lesser-known towns can find charming boutique hotels, rustic farmhouses, and historic guesthouses. These hidden gems offer an authentic and local experience compared to popular tourist areas. To book these unique stays, travellers can use online platforms and local travel agencies or contact the accommodations directly.

Staying in lesser-known towns allows visitors to enjoy a quieter environment, avoid large crowds, and interact more with locals. These stays often come with a more affordable price than the accommodations in Mallorca’s main tourist hubs. Choosing a unique stay in Mallorca’s lesser-known towns provides a memorable and rewarding travel experience, whether exploring local culture, enjoying natural landscapes, or escaping the hustle and bustle.

Planning Your Mallorca Trip

Mallorca is an excellent place for families. Alcúdia, Cala d’Or, and Puerto Pollensa offer activities for all ages.

For couples, Sóller, Banyalbufar, and Deià are perfect for a romantic getaway.

Stay for about a week to enjoy the beautiful beaches, charming villages, and historic attractions.

Promoting Mallorca Stays on Social Media

Promoting family-friendly stays in Mallorca on social media can be done effectively by showcasing the variety of activities and amenities available for families. This includes kid-friendly beaches, water parks, and family-oriented restaurants. Sharing user-generated content of families enjoying their stay in Mallorca can also create an authentic and appealing image.

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Mallorca has diverse accommodation options for families and couples.

  • Popular locations include Alcudia and Playa de Muro for families due to their family-friendly amenities and entertainment options.
  • Couples seeking a more romantic and secluded experience may enjoy towns like Deia and Pollenca, which offer intimate and picturesque settings.
  • Mallorca has options to suit everyone, whether it’s a beachfront resort or a charming boutique hotel.
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