Ryanair Purchases 25 Homes in North Dublin to Provide Affordable Rentals for Staff

Ryanair has strategically acquired 25 homes in the Fosterstown area of Swords, North Dublin.

This acquisition aims to provide affordable rental options, primarily to new cabin crew members during their first year of employment.

8Ryanair has decided to invest in housing near Dublin Airport to ensure smooth operations and maintain its fleet of 33 aircraft based in Dublin.

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Ryanair have confirmed that they have bought the bulk of homes in North Dublin housing estate Fosterstown Place which they plan to use to rent to its staff Pic MKN Property Group

The airline faces challenges recruiting and training new cabin crew members from Ireland and Europe due to the lack of affordable rental accommodation.

The houses bought in Swords are located conveniently, just one bus stop from Dublin Airport.

Ryanair confirmed on Thursday that they bought 25 homes in the development which is 35km from Dublin Airport Pic Nicolas EconomouNurPhoto via Getty Images

These houses are ideal for Ryanair employees due to their affordable rates. Ryanair is dedicated to providing reasonable accommodation options to its employees, and these houses are included in the company’s plan to offer accessible rates during the first year of employment.

This acquisition showcases Ryanair’s proactive approach to addressing its staff’s housing needs while enabling efficient flight operations from Dublin Airport.

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