The Best Travel Groups for Solo Travelers

Travelling alone can be an enriching experience, allowing you to explore new destinations on your terms and at your own pace.
However, solo travel can also be daunting, especially if you’re venturing to unfamiliar places or seeking a more social experience. Fortunately, numerous travel groups are designed specifically for solo travellers, offering a perfect blend of independence and camaraderie.
Solo Travelers
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In this article, we’ll explore some of the top travel groups for solo adventurers, highlighting their unique offerings, pros, and cons. Whether you’re seeking organized tours, meetup groups, or online communities, you’ll find an option to suit your travel style and preferences.


Organized Tour Groups for Solo Travelers

Organized tour groups are an excellent choice for solo travellers seeking a structured, hassle-free travel experience. These groups typically offer pre-planned itineraries, knowledgeable guides, and built-in social opportunities, making them ideal for a more curated travel experience.

1. Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel is a renowned adventure travel company that offers a wide range of small group tours specifically designed for solo travellers. With over 1,000 tours across more than 100 countries, Intrepid Travel caters to various interests, including cultural immersion, outdoor adventures, and culinary experiences.

One of the standout features of Intrepid Travel is its commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism practices. They work closely with local communities, support grassroots initiatives, and prioritize minimizing their environmental impact.


  • Diverse range of destinations and tour types
  • Small group sizes (average of 10 people)
  • Knowledgeable local guides
  • Emphasis on responsible and sustainable travel


  • Tours can be more expensive than independent travel
  • Limited flexibility in itineraries

2. G Adventures

G Adventures is another popular choice for solo travellers seeking organized group tours. With a focus on small group experiences, G Adventures offers various tours across various travel styles, from classic touring to active adventures and National Geographic Journeys.

Solo Travelers
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One of the critical advantages of G Adventures is its commitment to responsible travel and supporting local communities. They also offer a “Lifetime Deposit” policy, which allows you to re-use your deposit for future tours if you need to cancel your trip.


  • Small group sizes (average of 12 people)
  • A diverse range of tour types and destinations
  • Commitment to responsible travel and supporting local communities
  • Lifetime Deposit policy for added flexibility


  • Tours can be more expensive than independent travel
  • Limited flexibility in itineraries

Meetup Groups for Solo Travelers

Meetup groups can be an excellent option if you prefer a more independent and flexible travel experience but still crave social connections and local insights. These groups bring together like-minded solo travellers, allowing you to connect with others, explore new destinations together, and share travel tips and experiences.

Solo Travelers
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1. is a popular platform that hosts numerous groups for solo travellers across various cities and countries. These groups organize regular meetups, social events, and group travel experiences, providing opportunities for solo travellers to connect, socialize, and explore new destinations together.

One of the advantages of meetup groups is the ability to connect with locals and expats and gain insider knowledge and cultural insights that can enhance your travel experience. Additionally, many groups cater to specific interests, such as hiking, photography, or culinary adventures, allowing you to find like-minded individuals.


  • Wide variety of groups and locations
  • Opportunity to connect with locals and expats
  • Caters to specific interests and travel styles
  • Flexible and independent travel experience


  • Quality and activity levels can vary between groups
  • Coordination and planning may be required

2. Couchsurfing

While Couchsurfing is primarily known as a platform for finding accommodation with locals, it also offers a vibrant community of solo travellers. Through the Couchsurfing platform, you can join local groups, attend events, and connect with other travellers visiting the same destination.

One of the unique aspects of Couchsurfing is the opportunity to gain authentic cultural experiences and insights from locals. Additionally, the platform fosters a sense of community and trust among members, making it easier to connect with like-minded individuals.


  • Opportunity to connect with locals and gain cultural insights
  • A vibrant community of solo travellers
  • Access to local events and meetups
  • Cost-effective travel experience


  • Quality of experiences can vary
  • Safety concerns (although the platform has measures in place)

Online Communities for Solo Travelers

In the digital age, online communities have become a valuable resource for solo travellers seeking connections, advice, and travel inspiration. These platforms offer a space for solo adventurers to share their experiences, ask questions, and connect with like-minded individuals worldwide.

Solo Travelers
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1. Solo Traveler World

Solo Traveler World is a dedicated online community for solo travellers, offering a wealth of resources, including travel tips, destination guides, and a vibrant forum. The forum is particularly active, with members sharing their experiences, seeking advice, and organizing meetups and group travels.

One of the advantages of Solo Traveler World is the sense of community and support it provides. Whether you’re a seasoned solo traveller or just starting, you’ll find a welcoming and knowledgeable community ready to share their insights and experiences.


  • A dedicated community for solo travellers
  • A wealth of travel resources and destination guides
  • Active forum for sharing experiences and advice
  • Opportunities for meetups and group travels


  • Limited to online interactions (unless meetups are organized)
  • Quality of advice can vary

2. Nomadic Matt’s Community

Nomadic Matt is a renowned travel blogger and author who has built a thriving online community of travellers. His community offers a forum, private Facebook group, and monthly virtual meetups, providing opportunities for solo travellers to connect, share tips, and seek advice.

One of the standout features of Nomadic Matt’s community is the wealth of travel knowledge and expertise its members share. From budget travel hacks to destination recommendations, you’ll find valuable information and insights.


  • An active and engaged community of travellers
  • A wealth of travel knowledge and expertise
  • Regular virtual meetups and events
  • Opportunities for in-person meetups


  • Limited to online interactions (unless meetups are organized)
  • Quality of advice can vary

Comparison Table

To help you compare the various travel groups for solo travellers, we’ve compiled a comprehensive table highlighting their key features:

GroupGroup TypeSocial OpportunitiesDestinationsGuided ToursFlexible ItinerariesCost
Intrepid TravelOrganized TourHighGlobalYesLimitedHigh
G AdventuresOrganized TourHighGlobalYesLimitedHigh
Meetup.comMeetup GroupModerateLocal/RegionalNoHighLow to Moderate
CouchsurfingMeetup GroupModerateGlobalNoHighLow
Solo Traveler WorldOnline CommunityModerate (Virtual)N/ANoN/ALow
Nomadic Matt’s CommunityOnline CommunityModerate (Virtual)N/ANoN/ALow

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are solo travel groups safe for female travellers?

Safety is a common concern for solo female travellers, but many travel groups prioritize safety measures and protocols. Organized tour groups often have experienced guides, pre-vetted accommodations, and established safety protocols. Meetup groups and online communities also provide opportunities to connect with other solo female travellers, share experiences, and offer safety tips.

2. Can I find travel groups catering to specific interests or activities?

Absolutely! Many travel groups cater to specific interests and activities like hiking, photography, culinary adventures, or cultural immersion. Organized tour companies like Intrepid Travel and G Adventures offer a diverse range of themed tours, while meetup groups on platforms like often focus on particular interests or hobbies.

3. What are the typical costs of joining a solo travel group?

The costs can vary significantly depending on the type of travel group you choose. Organized tour groups, including pre-arranged accommodations, transportation, guides, and activities, are more expensive. Meetup groups and online communities typically have lower or no membership fees, but you’ll need to cover your travel expenses. It’s always advisable to research and compare costs before committing to a specific group or tour.

4. How can I ensure a positive group dynamic when travelling with solo travel groups?

Compatibility and group dynamics can significantly affect the overall travel experience. When considering a solo travel group, research their policies, read reviews, and engage with their online communities to understand the group’s vibe and dynamics. Additionally, be open-minded, respectful, and willing to compromise to foster a positive group dynamic.

5. Are solo travel groups suitable for all age groups?

Most solo travel groups cater to a wide range of ages, from young adults to retirees. However, some groups may focus on specific age ranges or cater to particular interests that appeal to specific age demographics. It’s always a good idea to thoroughly research a group’s target audience and ensure it aligns with your preferences and travel style.


By joining a solo travel group, you can embark on unforgettable adventures while enjoying the camaraderie and support of like-minded individuals. Whether you prefer organized tours, meetup groups, or online communities, there’s a perfect fit for every solo traveller seeking a balance of independence and social connections. Happy travels!

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