The Truth About Pineapple Pizza and Its Impact on Italian Culture

Anyone who’s set foot in Italy knows there are unwritten rules that one must abide by – and the most important of all revolve around food. Cappuccino after 11 a.m.? Only for tourists. Spaghetti bolognese? A horrifying thought. Pineapple on your pizza? Heresy – at least, it was until now.

Gino Sorbillo’s Bold Move: Pineapple on the Iconic Via dei Tribunali

“Margherita con Ananas”: A Pizza Revolution Unfolds

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<br>The historic centre of Naples has over 3000 years of history much of it pizza dominated

Breaking Food Prejudice: Sorbillo’s Culinary Rebellion

Doing it in his headquarters in the historic centre of Naples with its 3,000 years of history – Sorbillo has 21 outlets worldwide, including in Miami, Tokyo, and Ibiza – was also making an important point, he said.

The Art of Pineapple Pizza: A Culinary Alchemy

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Footage shows the pizza chef showcasing the dish which will be available in his restaurants from now on and even filmed himself taking a bite

Mixed Reactions and Social Media Storm

“It makes it tasty,” he said. Tasty or not, pineapple on pizza is anathema to most Italians, and his pizza – which he launched on social media this week – hasn’t gone down well with many. Sorbillo said it has started an “uproar” with insults on social media, and his pizza is even being discussed on national TV. But he says that those curious enough to try it have been favourable.

Sorbillo’s Defense and Culinary Philosophy

“Before I launched it on social media, I put it on the menu without saying anything for a couple of weeks, and lots of people ordered it, even Neapolitans,” he said. “But Italy is split in half about it. And not just Italy. There’s a load of arguments that have opened up about it. I think people, in general, are not curious. They are mistrustful of anything different.”

Pineapple Pizza Beyond Italy: A Culinary Journey

Barbara Politi, a food journalist who rushed straight to Naples to try it, was positive. “It’s good, fresh; I’m in favour of it,” she said. “Did you know that pineapple has been part of Europe’s food culture since Christopher Columbus tasted it in Guadeloupe in 1493 and brought it back? “When Sorbillo launched it, I was curious and looked into how long pineapple had been used in Europe, and I found that it has been part of European [food] culture for a long time. So, in reality, we’re talking about a question of mentality and taste habits. “I liked it. It’s a bit like sushi – at the start, you might not love it, but then it becomes a

Pizzaiolo Innovation: Sorbillo’s Culinary Experimentation Continues

For Sorbillo, pineapple on pizza is no different from the more adventurous toppings Pizzaioli has been working with in recent years. “In the last few years, people have been using ingredients that five or six years ago were never used. Now we use speck from Alto Adige, mortadella, which wasn’t used ten years ago, chopped pistachios, powdered olives, mozzarella foam, and even jams. Why shouldn’t we rediscover pineapple? Pizza has been living a new life for five or six years.”

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Famous Naples pizza chef Gino Sorbillo pictured has stunned traditionalists by introducing pineapple toppings in his restaurants for the first time

Ketchup Pizza: Sorbillo’s Playful Provocation

Sorbillo’s Culinary Boundaries: Not Every Experiment is Fair Game

However, he draws the line at starting with a tomato base. “That’s another fruit – with two fruits, which both have acidity, it wouldn’t be a good product,” he said. “Instead, I put three smoked cheeses on, and it changes the pizza, becomes a different taste.”

Innovation Amidst Criticism: A Culinary Trailblazer’s Perspective

Future Trends: Sorbillo’s Culinary Predictions

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