Six ‘Second Cities’ in Europe to Visit Instead of the Capital – With Cheaper Flights and Fewer Crowds

When travelling around Europe, most people limit themselves to exploring the capital cities. However, many other towns are equally beautiful and exciting and often offer cheaper flights and fewer crowds. If you’re looking to explore something new and unique, here are six ‘second cities’ in Europe that you should consider visiting:

Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

jerez de la frontera 206504333079129958079jpg
Jerez de la Frontera Spain<br><br>

This city is home to every sherry bodega you know about – and plenty you don’t. Lose yourself on its cobbled streets between the wine tastings and discover gothic and baroque churches and grand palaces. At night, seek out the spots where the flamenco still sounds – this is, after all, the city where it all began.

Rijeka, Croatia

rijeka croatia city of rijeka skyline view from delta and rjecina river 1000x6671250712402929153165jpg
<strong>Rijeka Croatia <strong>

Wroclaw, Poland

the colorful town of wroclaw poland7827434956553220596jpg
Wroclaw Poland<br><br>

Sète, France

vista de un canal de585811621775913008jpg
Sète France<br><br>

Hamburg, Germany

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Hamburg Germany<br><br>

Bologna, Italy

bologna itlay 1200x675 14001262763176760283jpg
Bologna Italy <br><br>

We hope this list inspires you to explore some of Europe’s lesser-known

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